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Who are we?

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue is dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of hedgehogs, the enhancement and conservation of their natural habitats and raising public awareness.

Did you know hedgehogs are endangered and at risk of extinction?  We need your help to save them!

If you would like to get involved visit the 'How you can help' section to learn about volunteering, fostering, fundraising and donating, or find out more about us by reading our Mission Statement.

Found a hedgehog?


Advice on what steps you need to do to help any hedgehog found out during the day or in need of care.

Hedgehog-friendly Vets


​Take a look at the list of vets in the local area that are experienced in handling and treating sick and injured hedgehogs.​

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  • Sun 26th May: Pole Green Nursery

  • Sat 15th June: Summer Fair, Eaves Green Community Centre

  • Fri 26th - Sun 28th July: Chorley Flower Show, Astley Park

See our full list of events here

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