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How you can help

Thanks for wanting to help hedgehogs.  For the species to survive and the population to recover, we need more people like you!

Here are some of the ways you can help .....
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  • Place some food and water out for hedgehogs.  Even if you've never seen one in your garden, they could still be there.  Food and water can be a life-saver for hungry and thirsty hedgehogs.

  • Make your garden a haven for hedgehogs and become a hedgehog-friendly gardener by avoiding practices that negatively impact hedgehogs.

  • Act quickly if you find a hedgehog, don't wait to "see what happens".  You are our eyes and ears when it comes to rescuing hedgehogs in need of care.  Follow these simple guidelines so we help save more 'hogs and avoid them becoming extinct.

  • Donate money towards the £60k annual running costs of the rescue centre by setting up a regular standing order, sending money via Paypal, or online with Gofundme; or donate to our vets bills, or donate food and consumables in person.  Our donate page gives you details of all the things we need.

  • Buy supplies using our virtual store, this provides funds for the vital food and medical supplies we need on a daily basis for the hedgehogs in our care.

  • Generate cashback donations on all your online purchases by using easyfunding as our supporter.

  • Volunteer and get involved with the various tasks that need to be carried out at the rescue centre 7 days a week.  There are many practical ways you can make a difference by joining the team.

  • Sponsor a hutch and contribute to the cost of rehabilitating the rescued hedgehogs in our care.  It costs £15 a week/£65 a month per hedgehog to get them healthy and ready for release.

  • Fundraising events are always good for spreading our message far and wide whilst at the same time raising much needed funds for the rescue centre.  We are always keen to hear from anyone with ideas and the enthusiasm to support our work.

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