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Mission Statement

We know that the hedgehog is now a species at risk and this focus defines our important contribution to the environmental and conservation community and serves as the anchor for our values.

Our approach is direct and straightforward – we protect and restore the hedgehog species in the Northwest of England.  We do this by:

  • Raising awareness

  • Education

  • Creation of engagement environments

  • Rescuing

  • Releasing healthy hedgehogs back into the population

  • Providing care and guidance that will make a lasting difference for hedgehogs and their habitat.


Our Vision

Our vision at Chorley Hedgehog Rescue is for the hedgehog population in the Northwest to be secure and thriving, sustained by a network of supporters, healthy lands and waters.

Our Mission

Our mission at Chorley Hedgehog Rescue has three key areas:

1. Increase the hedgehog population:

Our rescue efforts are targeted at ensuring we can support the full range of vulnerabilities that hedgehogs may encounter from care, injuries, rehabilitation, release, orphans, suspected cruelty or harm.  We recognise that we cannot protect hedgehogs without simultaneously raising awareness, education and addressing the habitats on which it relies.

2. Restore the habitat in the area:

Whilst we do not set geographic boundaries on our work, we primarily focus on hedgehogs living in the Northwest and specifically, the Chorley area.

3. Education and awareness:

We are working for the day when hedgehogs rebound to the point that they are more secure – no longer threatened with rapid decline – and thriving in robust, well distributed populations.  To enable this, we intend to raise public awareness as to the level of endangerment.  Encourage all, but specifically the younger generation, to value and respect hedgehogs and to provide an environment to allow interested parties to co-operate.

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